Tradition that was born in the love by the field.

Technology to extract nature’s best.

Quality that provides health, flavor and joy.

In 1942, the Italian immigrant Giuseppe De Marchi started, through agriculture, the history of De Marchi Group, a company conglomerate that works from fruit, legume and vegetable growing, to a wide frozen food range production, to in natura food marketing to Brazil and Overseas.

De Marchi purpose is based on conscious production and consumerism, to offer to the market healthy products, with minimum impact to the environment. All process is controlled, from the field to sales points, so that fresh, healthy and tasty products are always offered. Products are used by chefs and renown restaurants, and housewives in their delicious daily recipes.

De Marchi invests in the best practices and processes to assure safe, healthy, practical and very tasty products. It has several certifications in different group companies, out of which we can highlight BRC* certification, one of the world´s most demanding ones that assures supply to the European market, in compliance with FDA** requirements.


*BRC - British Retail Consortium Certification is a global food safety standard, that evidence skill level in terms of APPCC, hygiene, food safety and quality systems. It also considers the commitment with consumer safety and relations with main stakeholders.

**FDA - De Marchi complies with every requirement of FDA – Food and Drugs Administration, USA agency that regulates food quality. Regularly, internal and external audits are performed with the goal of assessing compliance with such standards.



Fruit crop start

Strawberry pre-processing for yogurt industries

DM Distributor start

FLV Store opening

Fruit distribution chain start and fresh fruit market sale (CEASA)

First De Marchi Jundiaí - SP Industrial Plant is established

2nd Fragole - RS Manufacturing Plant is established

3rd Top Açaí - PA Manufacturing Plant is established


De Marchi in natura and frozen product quality has its origin in Group farms and partner producers as well. They are the assurance of products grown with unique care and flavor.

Photos shot before the pandemic


The group relies on more than 3,000 highly qualified professionals and modern equipment to assure minimally processed products, keeping all quality and flavor directly from the field.

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De Marchi is present in main Supply Centers, assuring, daily, finer quality and health to the Brazilians.

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De Marchi supplies, every day, hundreds of supermarkets all over the country and it also manages FLV (Fruits, Legumes and Vegetables) sections of renown supermarket chains.

Photos shot before the pandemic